massdataset is a part of tidymass.


massdataset provide the mass_dataset class which is specifically developed and designed to organize the rectangular metabolomics data sets into a standard structure. massdataset package also provide a lot of base processing functions to process and operate the mass_dataset class. In additional, the mass_dataset class can be processed by all the packages from tidymass.

Merging separate data objects is useful for manually-imported data objects, especially for metabolomics data analysis. It’s significant to keep unified format before analysis. While the first category of merging functions is useful for direct manipulations of the data for analytical purposes, massdataset is a convenience/support tool to help get your data into the right format.


You can install massdataset from GitLab


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More information can be found here.

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If you use massdataset in your publications, please cite this paper:

Shen, X., Yan, H., Wang, C. et al. TidyMass an object-oriented reproducible analysis framework for LC–MS data. Nat Commun 13, 4365 (2022).


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